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All about NextJS

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  • ReactJS
  • Modern Images
  • Lazy-loading
  • Emotion
  • MDX
  • Serverless Functions
  • HeadlessCMS
  • Server-Side Pre-Rendering
  • Atomic Deploys
  • Continuous Deployment
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Dream Stack

Course Coverage

  1. What is JAMstack?

    Before getting really started, it‘s important to cover the concepts within JAMstack and how to proper use them to our benefit. More specifically: how Static Webside Generation, Server-Side Rendering, and Server-Side Pre-Rendering work? What are the tradeoffs of each? What does a Content Delivery Network has to do with it?

  2. Setup

    Let’s go step-by-step arranging the foundation for a great Developer Experience. Not only putting all the tools in our stack, but making them integrate with each other in the best way possible and set us up for success. TypeScript, EmotionCSS, Babel, Prettier, Github, and Vercel: what each are for, and how to leverage them into writing the best code possible!

  3. Build a website

    We pull up our sleeves and start getting our hands dirty with code. It’s now time to write some components, set some routes, add a little bit of content, and sprinkle styles. By the end of this module we will have a performant website already in production and building with Continuous Deployment already.

  4. Make a blog engine

    Once our static website is deployed, we move on adding more content. With dynamic routes, MDX, and a few tricks from NextJS sleeve we are able to create a full featured blog engine. Ready to open the IDE and start writing straight in Markdown, automatically outputting tailored components. All ready to later on add a Content Management System on top of it.

  5. More Serverless

    Now that we have our website and blog working. It‘s time we create a few extra functionality. We are going to see how to create and add an RSS feed, and we are going to also learn how to do external requests. Using Environment Variables, and safe-guarding ourselves in case external APIs blow up unexpectedly.

  6. Headless CMSComing soon
  7. InternationalizationComing soon

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picture Atila Fassina

I’m a Web Developer with about 11 years of experience, specialized in JAMstack.

I‘ve been working with NextJS since version 2 and I have built many websites and applications with it. I have used many other Static Site Generators, and I‘m a big advocate of the JAMstack.

As a self-taught developer, I have walked an irregular learning path. My goal is to make it easier and more accessible for anybody to learn web development.