• Generate a token for Youtube Data API
    step-by-step guide to generating your own token to the Youtube Data API.
    2 min read291 words
  • Gradient Texts
    An elegant technique to make your text and content to standout with some simple CSS
    3 min read598 words
  • Netlify Functions and TypeScript
    A step-by-step guide to deploy your very own Netlify Function with TypeScript
    3 min read510 words
  • 5 CSS Tips
    The 5 cleverest CSS tips I have collected in the last few months
    3 min read498 words
  • UX and DX
    Use Developer Experience to improve User Experience.
    8 min read1594 words
  • Jumping Into Webmentions
    My first post as Guest Writer on CSS Tricks
    1 min read118 words
  • Array Cheatsheet
    13 to make you more efficient. Plus, how to breakout of iterations.
    6 min read1069 words
  • Digital Garden
    Starting my own Digital Garden
    3 min read464 words
  • Objects for mapping
    Options JS developers have for creating maps and dictionaries
    2 min read366 words
  • Binary Search in JS
    Part of the FUNdamental Series
    2 min read368 words
  • Not a Number
    Checking for `NaN` is a minefield
    1 min read173 words
  • Insertion Sort in JS
    Part of the FUNdamental Series
    2 min read208 words
  • Choosing the best tools
    Be pragmatic when choosing a toolset
    6 min read1033 words
  • Everything is relative
    Which units to choose when building an UI
    7 min read1332 words
  • Web Performance low hanging fruits
    A couple of performance tips to boost a website
    6 min read1068 words
  • My 2017 stack
    This website stack from 2017 to 2019
    4 min read801 words
  • React Amsterdam 2017 Review
    List your medium posts anywhere.
    12 min read2280 words
  • Custom Server & Redux on a NextJS App
    A couple of performance tips to boost a website
    4 min read692 words
  • Let's start with Yarn
    Why to give Yarn a try as your package manager.
    3 min read534 words
  • Introducing Blogium
    List your medium posts anywhere.
    3 min read413 words
  • ES2015 Modules 101
    A brief overview on how to use ES2015 modules.
    4 min read796 words