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I'm on a mission to make code simple. When not recording screencasts or courses, you may find me either writing and talking about jamstack, performance, or developer tooling.

Currently, I work as Lead Frontend Engineer at Signavio and write articles on Smashing Magazine.

  • Multi-Thread Demystified
    JavaScript is not single-threaded anymore. And it has been a while. But we are still leaving all the processing in the same thread that we render things.
    React Day New York: 2021
  • Jamstack for Complex Apps
    Maintainability and complexity are not opposites. When one team split into many, goals and requirements multiply beyond count. How do we beat those growing pains?



  • Generate a token for Youtube Data API
    step-by-step guide to generating your own token to the Youtube Data API.
    2 min read291 words
  • Gradient Texts
    An elegant technique to make your text and content to standout with some simple CSS
    3 min read598 words
  • Netlify Functions and TypeScript
    A step-by-step guide to deploy your very own Netlify Function with TypeScript
    3 min read510 words
  • 5 CSS Tips
    The 5 cleverest CSS tips I have collected in the last few months
    3 min read498 words