Atila Fassina - Frontend Developer

I’m a Software Engineer specialized in Jamstack and Design Systems.

I have worked in both small and large companies, with local and distributed teams. Always focused on providing good value to the end-user, making data-driven decisions, and nurturing a good relationship with my stakeholders and team.

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Netlify Functions 💚 TypeScript

A step-by-step guide to deploy your very own Netlify Function with TypeScript


  • 3 min read498 words5 CSS Tips
    The 5 cleverest CSS tips I have collected in the last few months
    • CSS
    • UX
  • 8 min read1594 wordsUX and DX
    Use Developer Experience to improve User Experience.
    • UX
    • productivity
  • 1 min read118 wordsJumping Into Webmentions
    My first post as Guest Writer on CSS Tricks
    • indieweb
    • jamstack
  • 6 min read1069 wordsArray Cheatsheet
    13 to make you more efficient. Plus, how to breakout of iterations.
    • JavaScript
    • productivity
  • 3 min read464 wordsDigital Garden
    Starting my own Digital Garden
    • writing
    • career
  • 2 min read366 wordsObjects for mapping
    Options JS developers have for creating maps and dictionaries
    • JavaScript
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