About: Atila

Sharing what I learn and trying to make coding simpler.

I'm a self-taught developer originally from Brazil and currently living in Germany. Pushing code since 2011, I have worked in teams of every size and across 3 different continents.

Atila Fassina

Content creation is a driving force and my favourite learning strategy. I write articles on Smashing Magazine , speak at meetups and conferences both online and offline, and record a code-related videos. I am particularly interested in Serverless, Developer Tooling, and the React ecosystem.

I work as Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Xata . Creating the best developer experience for Serverless Databases ever. I’m lucky part of my work is connecting with amazing people in Developer Communities, so if you have meetup, conference, podcast, or just want to chat: do it!

The fastest way to find me is via twitter direct or public message.