About: Atila

Sharing what I learn and trying to make coding simpler.

I'm a self-taught developer originally from Brazil and currently living in Germany. Pushing code since 2011, I have worked in teams of every size and across 3 different continents.

Atila Fassina

Content creation is a driving force and my favourite learning strategy. I write articles on Smashing Magazine, speak at meetups and conferences both online and offline, and record a code-related videos. I am particularly interested in Serverless, Developer Tooling, and the React ecosystem.

I work as Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Xata. Creating the best developer experience for Serverless Databases ever. Iā€™m lucky part of my work is connecting with amazing people in Developer Communities, so if you have meetup, conference, podcast, or just want to chat: do it!

The fastest way to find me is via twitter direct or public message.